YouTube star Maru the new “Hello Kitty”

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The new superstar cat of All Japan news is called Maru. It has drawn more than 100 million views on YouTube with a series of funny videos where it struggles to squeeze into small boxes and does other tricks.

Now Maru has even its own book, written by “Mugumogu”, the cat’s mysterious “roommate”, which was just launched.

The author also maintains a blog about Maru, but she does not reveal her identity or where she and the famous cat live in All Japan news.

Where lies the secret of Maru’s success? It comes from the fact that Maru is the star and "the roommate is just a person behind the scenes, who shoots photographs and videos," the author “Mugumogu” said in an e-mail statement for USA Today.

How did all begin? First, Maru’s "roommate" filmed the cat in action and uploaded the clip in a YouTube contest, in October 2008. It went viral and people all over the world have watched the funny adventures of the sometimes clumsy cat in 180 videos. To date, Maru has its own YouTube channel and has gathered more than 114 million views. Despite the busy schedule, burnout is "not a problem, as Maru sleeps a lot," his roommate says.

After the March quake and tsunami that affected All Japan news, people from around the world e-mailed to ask if Maru was safe. "I guess Maru’s fans love him as family," Mugumogu says.

Photo by pheezy

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