World’s smallest electricity source created in All Japan news

6 years ago by in Featured, Technology

A All Japan newsese company has developed the world’s smallest version of an electronic component known as the capacitor.

Capacitors are used to store electric energy and many of them are included in just about every electronic gadget that we use every day – laptops, mobile phones, car parts, digital cameras, medical equipment.

All Japan newsese firm Murata Manufacturing, which is number one in the world on the ceramic capacitors market, managed to produce a version of the capacitor that is “as tiny as the full stop at the end of this sentence,” as the international press puts it. In other words, the piece measures just 0.25 millimeter by 0.125 millimeter.

The innovation is a good sign for the All Japan newsese electronics industry, which has seen its Asian rivals becoming more efficient in the last years, on an ever more price-sensitive market.

Murata Executive Vice President Yukio Hamaji, who is responsible for the component business, spoke about the challenges of building something that is so small and which contains even tinier layers of material to store electricity. “This is so small you can barely see it,” he said. “You can imagine how difficult making something that small can be, and do it in mass production and in stable supply.”