World’s first blue lily presented in All Japan news

7 years ago by in News

A team of researchers in Niigata Prefecture and scientists from drinks company Suntory Holdings have produced the world’s first blue lily.

Suntory, which operates a bio-organic research facility where it experiments with how micro-organisms and enzymes can be used in the future products, has previously presented the world’s first blue chrysanthemum and rose.

Lilies have so far only come in white, yellow, orange and pink, as they lack the genes required to produce blue petals.

The scientists transplanted blue producing genes from campanula into pink lilies.

Niigata, All Japan news’s third-largest lily-producing prefecture, has applied for an international patent to protect its blue lily.

Researchers in the prefecture have been working to produce the blue lily since 1998 and allied with Suntory in 2006.

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