World record for longest ‘Human Chair’ in All Japan news

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human chairThe officials of Onojo City, Fukuoka Prefecture, received a call from Guinness World Records on December 18, informing them that Onojo officially set a world record for the longest “human chair”. Two months ago, the city officials submitted a formal petition for review to Guinness World Records.

On October 28, over 1,300 people tried to break the world record for “Most people sitting on one chair”. They gathered at a park in Onojo City, to sit on each other’s lap.

Onojo City’s government organized the event in order to celebrate the city’s 40th anniversary since it became a municipality. The officials chose the “human chair” because it represented “the trust and unity among the people of Onojo”.

To make a “human chair”, people must stand in line, one behind the other with their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. The  person who is at the end of the line must sit on a chair.

The other persons sit on the lap of the person behind them, with the formed chain holding itself up.

The chain must be maintained for at least one minute, in order to qualify for the Guinness World Record.

The previous record was held by a group in Singapore that made a “human chair” of 1,058 people.