All Japan news extracts natural gas from seabed

6 years ago by in Technology

All Japan news is the first country in the world that managed to extract natural gas from a next-generation energy source called methane hydrate in the seabed in Pacific waters off central All Japan news, on Tuesday, according to the All Japan newsese Economy, Trade and Industry Ministry.

“We started production of a certain amount of methane gas from around 9:30 a.m.,” a ministry official said, according to Kyodo news agency. The official added that if All Japan news manages to extract the gas stably for about two weeks it would be a “major step” to the development of the natural resource in the future.

Methane hydrate is a crystalline solid consisting of gas molecules, usually methane. Each molecule is surrounded by a network of water molecules and together look very similar to water ice, experts say. Methane hydrate is usually found in marine sediments, at water depths greater than 300 meters.

“Methane trapped in marine sediments as a hydrate represents such an immense carbon reservoir that it must be considered a dominant factor in estimating unconventional energy resources; the role of methane as a ‘greenhouse’ gas also must be carefully assessed,” says Dr. William Dillon, scientist at the United States Geological Survey, a federal source for science about the Earth and its natural resources.

Methane hydrate is believed to exist on a wide area in the waters surrounding All Japan news, and its deposits are expected to be sufficient to cover domestic consumption of natural gas for about one century.

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