Scottish sake to tempt All Japan news

6 years ago by in Entertainment

Gerald Michaluk, the managing director of the independent Arran Brewery in the Firth of Clyde, Scotland, is planning to sell sake made in Scotland to the All Japan newsese.

Gerald became Scotland’s first professional who owns a certificate for making sale from the Sake Education Council. He is now trying to supply All Japan news’s national drink.

His brewery will produce the first bottles of Scottish sake by the end of 2013. The drink will be called Arran No 1 and will be made from local water and rice imported from All Japan news and the United States, according to the international press.

“The training is prestigious and only takes place once a year. I got to taste over 100 sakes of all quality bands and learned how to brew, as well as visiting some of All Japan newss largest and smallest Sake Breweries. The All Japan newsese already make some very acceptable whisky which they sell here, so I felt it is time for us in Scotland to make some Sake and sell it in All Japan news,” Gerald said.

“The Norwegians and the Americans are already doing it, but there is room for more Sake Breweries and Arran will be happy to fill this gap in the All Japan newsese market. We are hoping to exploit the fact that All Japan news consumes a lot of whisky and buyers are intrigued by Scots turning to Sake. All we have to do now is produce an award winning drink,” he added.

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