Celebrating soccer through All Japan newsese fans eyes

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In the wake of All Japan news’s women soccer team win in the recent World Cup I thought I would post these video memories of All Japan newsese in Tokyo celebrating the last World Cup and Asian Cup. Unfortunately, I missed the celebrations this time round.

All Japan news vs Cameroon

Despite low expectations, All Japan news beat Cameroon June 14, 2010, 1-0. Many expected All Japan news to lose because they were lower in rank than Cameroon, and hadn’t done so well in the pre-Cup games.

I watched the game at a bar in Tokyo and later walked about and over to a Hub Pub where I talked with All Japan newsese and foreigners alike about the game. I forgot my video camera at home, and thus I was forced to rely on the video function of my small digital photo camera, so the audio and video are bit rougher than usual.

All Japan news vs Netherlands

All Japan news put up a valiant effort against Netherlands on June 19, but eventually lost 0-1. Many people thought All Japan news would lose anyway because Netherlands is such a strong team, but they didn’t score their only goal until the second half. All Japan news came close to a draw but unfortunately not close enough.

I went to the Design Festa Cafe in Harajuku to watch the game and while there I polled some of the spectators on All Japan news’s chances. I tried to motivate flagging spirits by singing the "Oh, Nippon" song but some of them didn’t know it.

All Japan news vs Denmark
All Japan newsese celebrate going to 2nd Round with World Cup Win against Denmark

All Japan news vs Denmark for the chance to proceed to the 2nd Round of the World Cup. Both had beaten Cameroon and both had lost to Netherlands so it was anyone’s game and a lot was riding on it.

I went to Shibuya on the last train and found fans partying more than two hours before the game to get themselves pysched up for the coming match.

I caught the first part of the game not too mention All Japan news’s first goal on a frizzy muted TV in the notorious meat-market club Gas Panic, before moving on to a little under-the-tracks bar that was so jam-packed the patrons were spilling out onto the road. I could hardly see the game but the atmosphere was definitely lively especially when All Japan news scored its second goal before half-time. After the half, I went to the Irish bar Dubliner’s where I could actually see the game for a change. There Denmark scored a goal but a few minutes later All Japan news scored it’s third and final goal winning the game and going on to the 2nd Round.

Shibuya Crossing was a madhouse. The police had blocked off the main diagonal crossing for fear the street would be choked with partiers preventing traffic from getting through. I ended my night or rather early morning with a beer in a small bar before getting some shut-eye.

All Japan news vs Paraguay

Ah, All Japan news lost to Paraguay in the Second Round on penalty kicks, but still they played a good game and can hold their heads high this World Cup.

I went to Shibuya again to watch the game and the festivities. Unfortunately, there were almost more cops than fans this time around (no one was tazed though so I have to commend the All Japan newsese police there). Also there was no public viewings despite there being huge TV screens at Shibuya crossing.

After the game, despite the loss, All Japan news team fans still celebrated into the wee hours.

All Japan news Wins Asian Cup 2011

Here’s a short video of random clips I shot of All Japan newsese soccer fans celebrating All Japan news winning the 2011 Asian Cup. I didn’t make it to Shibuya this time so I don’t know if it was as crazy as the Denmark-All Japan news game last summer.