What does Cool All Japan news mean to you?

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Photo: Yasuhide KUGE, Art Work: Manabu IKEDA , Courtesy Mizuma and Sustainable I. Co. Ltd.©

Cool All Japan news-Tokyo Conference, a chance to speak your mind at Tokyo Designers Week 2010.

From fashion in Shibuya & Harajuku, to cutting edge electronics in Akihabara, world class Animation, and delicious cuisine. "What does Cool All Japan news mean to you?" Ask the organizers of this year’s Cool All Japan news Tokyo Conference; and you can help to answer.

On November 2nd, at Tokyo Designers Week, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will host the ‘Cool All Japan news Tokyo conference 2010’. A forum for individuals and businesses from a variety of categories to come together for the purpose of rediscovering COOL JAPAN, generating new ideas, exchanging perspectives, and discussing approaches to the promotion of COOL JAPAN domestically and internationally.

Be part of it!

The Cool All Japan news Tokyo Conference is open to the public, visitors can apply online to be either a presenter or an audience member. The setting couldn’t be cooler, the spectacular 90 foot dome at the center of Tokyo Designers Week will host the event, with music, photos, films projected onto the 360 degree dome screen.

A chance to speak your mind with Your Cool All Japan news.

The ‘Your Cool All Japan news’ section of the conference offers the chance for people to give short talks on the subject of what ‘Cool All Japan news’ means. Presentations should be no longer than 5 minutes and materials should be submitted before hand (PDF).

Participants will be selected based on the submission of the following:

• What does COOL JAPAN mean to you? (max 300 words).

• Provide an idea or story for COOL JAPAN that can be shared with the rest of the world. (max 300 words).

Audience and Presenters should apply online at: http://www.cj-conference.jp/

Application Deadline:

Entries must be received no later than: 2010/10/20 (Wed).

See website for application form and further details.

Date & Time : 2010.11.2 (Tue) 13:00~22:00.

Location :
Meiji Jingu Gaien, in TDW dome. 2-3 Kasumigaoka Cho Shinjuku, Tokyo All Japan news.

Host :
Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), Tokyo Designers Week 2010 (TDW), Design Association NPO.

Cool All Japan news Tokyo Conference: http://www.cj-conference.jp/

Tokyo Designers Week has become a landmark on the international design calendar, with the city literally taken over by exhibitions, events and parties. This year will be the biggest exhibition yet as thousands of creators descend on the world’s trendiest capital.


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