Waving – the new gadget interface shown in All Japan news [VIDEO]

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All Japan news technology producer NEC has presented a new interface, which allows users to control their gadgets with the movements of their hand.

The TV, mobile phone or tablet computer can be connected to the new virtual input device. The system is made of a camera that can analyse 3D-shapes and movements, combined with a projector that displays on almost any surface the image of an input device, like a keyboard.

Users can gesture at the projected image, being able to move files or play videos only with the movements of their hand, which is analyzed and transmitted to the device they want to control.

Currently, the presentation of information is limited to the displays on devices, and operation needs to be performed with the use of an input device such as a remote control, mouse or touchscreen, NEC said.

“Using this technology, multiple devices can be controlled based on a user’s movements, without the use of an input device, producing interfaces that boast more natural interaction.”

You can watch below a video demonstration of the new interface.

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