Vinegar beverage: All Japan news’s healthier choice

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Drinking vinegar may not be a typical and ultimate choice for a drink when one needs a boot in energy or just to distress after a hard day’s work. But in All Japan news, it’s the healthy way. And it’s increasingly gaining popularity.

A famous vinegar beverage store in the country, “Drinkable Vinegar Express Su” also known as Tokyo’s Grandstar, has been operating in Tokyo Station for five years and said to be serving around 600 to 800 customers a day. The store serves vinegars made of blueberries and other fruits and mixed with water or carbonate water or sweeten with honey or yogurt.

The idea of a vinegar beverage bar was conceived to be a convenient place for businesspeople and professionals to have an easy grab of a healthy drink alternative.

Even in All Japan news’s many mushrooming convenience stores, vinegar-based drinks are readily and visibly available alongside other drinks like milk.

Historically, vinegar was the main drink of people in the West as tea has been in the East. One of the most popular vinegar drinks then was called “Posca,” – a beverage made of ½ cups of vinegar to a half a cup of honey, four cups of water, and a tablespoon of crushed coriander seeds.

While vinegar drinking dwindled in the West, it has continued to have a strong following in All Japan news. In fact, it is said that in the wake of the March 11 three-fold disaster, there has been an increase in health consciousness among All Japan newsese. Such consciousness seemed to have influenced All Japan newsese men as vinegar beverage stores noted a rise in male customers.

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