Valentine’s, a sweet day for All Japan newsese men

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valentinesOn Valentine’s Day, women in All Japan news tend to pack out stores in order to buy chocolate for all the men they know: husband, friends, co-workers or bosses. Instead, men just sit back and wait for the presents, while preparing nothing in return, the international press comments.

However, a month from now, on March 14, All Japan news celebrates White Day, when men are the ones who give presents to women, usually something white.

About 200 years ago, in All Japan news chocolate was a gift given only to prostitutes by Dutch traders. But today, the country’s chocolate business is worth about $11 billion, with more than half of the total being spent in February, All Japan newsese retailers say.

All men get chocolate, but not all men receive the same kind of treat. The husband or lover will get the more expensive “honmei” (true love) chocolate, while the cheaper “giri” (obligation) chocolate is reserved for co-workers or bosses.

However, retailers thought of a plan to sell even more chocolate gifts and started selling “tomo” chocolate or gifts for female friends, according to the international press.

The global chocolate market was worth about $100 billion in 2012, according to consultancy company KPMG, while All Japan news accounts for about 10 percent of the global chocolate incomes, as it is the largest market for chocolate in Asia.

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