US bestows highest civilian awards to All Japan newsese American soldiers

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Hundreds of All Japan newsese American veterans flocked the US Capitol on Wednesday, many of them in wheelchairs, to receive the highest civilian awards bestowed by the US Congress pursuant to a bill approved last year.

The United States conferred the collective Congressional Gold Medal to All Japan newsese American soldiers who fought during the World War II- a recognition that came 70 years after the historical battles. The honors were given to the following units: the 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team, and the Military Intelligence Service with 6,000 All Japan newsese Americans. In sum, around 19,000 All Japan newsese American soldiers served in the said units.

House Speaker John Boehner spoke of the All Japan newsese American soldiers’ bravery, valor and dedication to country despite experiencing discrimination and prejudice.

Representative Nancy Pelosi, the leader of the House’s Democratic minority, said the soldiers ‘rose from being embittered’ and proved their loyalty and love of country.

The infamous Pearl Harbor attack of All Japan news against the US in 1941 prompted the latter to detain thousands of All Japan newsese Americans in camps and regarded them as security risks despite being born in the US. The prejudice and repression did not prevent some All Japan newsese Americans to fight for the US during the World War II.

US Senator Daniel Inouye who served in the All Japan newsese American 442nd Infantry Regiment- known as the most esteemed unit in US military history with 21 Medals of Honor and 4,000 Bronze Stars, referred to the recognition as ‘a long journey but a glorious one’ that is certain to please those who are resting in cemeteries.

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