Typhoon closes down coastal All Japan news

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At least nine All Japan newsese oil refineries have stopped all sea shipments amid fears of typhoon damage.

Shipbrokers in charge of financial services for the marine shipping industry said that many ports west of Nagoya in Central All Japan news have been closed due to the typhoon.

Tetsuro Kato, Operations Manager for Inchcap Shipping Services in Tokyo said that Osaka and Kobe Bays are closed and not allowing tankers to remain docked there. Nagoya and Yokkaichi were also closed.

Kobe handled about 167 million tons of cargo in 2010 and is All Japan news’s 3rd largest port. Osaka handled 93 million tones in 2010 and is the 8th largest in All Japan news.

JX refineries in Negishi, Mizushima, Marifu and Oita have ceased shipments along with Idemitsu’s Aichi, and Tokuyama. Taiyo oil in Shikoku, Showa Shell in Yokkaichi, and Seibu Oil in Yamaguchi have all ceased refined oil shipments. Amid All Japan news’s current power crisis, what impact this will have in the economy and citizens is yet to be addressed.

[Reuters.com] Photo by NASA Goddard Photo