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Name: Nori Dress: I AM I Red Turtle: Uniqlo Shoes: Nadine Bag: Issey Miyake

Name: Eito Coat: Vintage Jacket: Lee Shirt: Lad Musician Jeans: Limi Feu Shoes: Junya Watanabe

Name: Eri Trench Coat: Vintage Sweater: Vintage Jeans: 80′s Vintage Bag: Didzizi

Name: Ayumi Designer for Syrup Dress: Syrup Bag: Syrup Shirt: Millie Moi Shoes: Miu Miu

Name: Akane Accessories: ROTARI PARKER Trench Coat: La Riva Bianca Dress: Felissimo Shoes: Dr. Martens

Name: Shizuka Jacket: Sly Top: Gallerie Skirt: Gallerie Shoes: No Brand Bag: Monkey Bite Bandana: Lily Brown

Name: Muyua Shirt: Shonen Junk Pants: Custom Levis Shoes: Nike Hat: No Brand Bag: COMME des GARÇONS

Name: Nina Peplum Dress: Oui, Ayano Ruban Shoes: Oui, Ayano Ruban

Name: Kaoru Coat: Handmade by Kaoru Hat: From Korea T-Shirt: Vintage Ripped Tights: Vintage Shoes: Yousuke Bag: Glad News Accessories: S. Kaoru Ring: Glamour Punks

Name: Mina Sweats: Honey Mi Honey Mini: Honey Mi Honey Accessories: Honey Mi Honey Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

Name: Kenichi Bowtie: Ralph Lauren Shirt: Ragtag Jacket: Uniqlo Pants: H&M Shoes: Adidas Hat: Originally Handmade Bag: Vintage from Europe

Name: Keita Barista @ Honey Mi Honey Shirt: Topshop Shoes: Vans

Name: Marie Head to Toe: HONEY MI HONEY      

Name: Sho Hoodie: Crepuscule Trench Coat: Vintage Pants: Uniqlo Shoes: Nike Air Force 1 Hat: Name