Top 20 hit products in All Japan news for 2011

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Dentsu Inc. has announced the 2011 Hit Products in All Japan news. The report reflects a “consumer mindset” in the country as it looks into what are the major product trends that made a hit in 2011.

The report was based on an Internet survey among All Japan newsese consumers as conducted by the Dentsu Innovation Institute (DII) in November 2011. Survey participants chose from the 130 product items. The total scores from the three categories – “recognition,” “have/ had interest” and “is/was popular” were then tallied to arrive at the top 20 listing.

Ranking first for two consecutive years is the smartphone product, followed by LED light bulbs, the Tokyo Sky Tree, Nadeshiko All Japan news- women’s national soccer team who won the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup Germany tournament, and AKB48- the all-girl theater or idol group with 48 members.

This year’s hit products include those from last year’s rankings but with a considerable number of new enlisters. Most notable in the 2011 report are products that mirror the impact of the March 11 disaster, such as the No. 2 ranking of the LED light bulbs and the inclusion of energy-saving and eco-friendly supplies and appliances. Also, the inclusion of the Tokyo Sky Tree, Nadeshiko All Japan news and AKB48 in the top five product hits are reflective of the All Japan newsese people’s desire to boost hope and optimism in the midst of a national crisis.

Social media services like Twitter were also on the list as well as the marketing genius and visionary Steve Jobs. The complete listing of the 2011 Hit Products was reported by All Japan news Today.

Dentsu Inc. is the world’s largest single-brand agency and maintains the top share in the All Japan newsese advertising market and in terms of net sales, ranks as the foremost advertising company in the domestic market, the company’s website states.

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