Tokyo Suburb – lovely place to live

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Hi, some days I didn’t wriite something on tokyo.japantimes ^^ was busy 😛
So let’s speak about the Suburb of Tokyo.
I am living in the south west suburb of Tokyo since the end of 2008, in a town called Aobadai.
It s on the Tokyu Den en toshi line ( direct from Shibuya to Chuo rinkan)
Located in Kanagawa ken ( same as Yokohama)

and I love the place!
only at 25min from Shibuya on the expres line.. 40min from Yokohama on local ( have to make one change)
the suburb is a nice CALM place to live.
I used to live in Oomori back in 2007 for only 3months.. it was fun, but Oomori (near shinagawa) still to much "urban" for me..

What I like in the suburb is the green area everywhere.. It is like living in a park!
A lot of people could kill to live here.. very close to energetic city like Shibuya, but in the same time so calm as the back country

here is a video of a sunset taken in my neighborhood

other think I like about the suburb is the people. they more "cool" and less "stressed" then Shibuya ( yes I take shibuya like exemple because is very close, and Shibuya is a referenced "never sleeping city" ^^)

my neighbor.. he get a huge house, but more then that he has a lot of land arround his house.. ( double then what you see in the picture).. Land prices in All Japan news is very high, so I guess he got a lot of money ( even virtualy money if he sells everything)

A video from a train passing through a house block.

green area everywhere.. and on sunday afternoon, if you have nothing to do, you can enjoy a walk near the river.

Have a look on this video from the river passing by my neighborhood. It is amazing the number of fish you can see!

more then a river, you can also enjoy a walk in some field in the area.

Here is a video of a man and his grand-son, walking together in a field.

every X year, each building have a "lifting"
they clean each brick, one by one, generaly before June ( and the typhoon season)



in detail