Tokyo Sky Tree opening already fully booked

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Barely five months before its scheduled opening to the public on May 22, All Japan news’s Tokyo Sky Tree – the world’s tallest tower, has been fully booked for group tours for the first month.

Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., the operator of the tower, said all group reservations have been filled from the opening day up to June 27 while tickets for individual visitors are yet to be sold.

There are 27,122 groups which requested to take a tour of the Sky Tree tower for the first month of its opening but only about 2,654 of them have been able to secure tickets.

It is expected that booking for the Tokyo Sky Tree would even peak when individual tour becomes available starting March 22. Reservation for the tour may also be done online.

Standing at 634 meters, Tokyo Sky Tree located at Tokyo’s Sumida Ward bags the Guinness World Records for tallest free-standing structure in the world, outdoing China’s Canton Tower. Guinness World Records CEO Alistair Richards went to All Japan news in November last year to confer to Tobu Sky Tree President Michiaki Suzuki the certification.

Recently, the All Japan newsese tower had been installed with technologies that will address the fears of local residents for falling snow and ice coming from the upper portion of the structure during the winter weather. It has also been installed with 20 CCTV cameras so that operators could monitor the weather and watch closely any build up of snow.