Tokyo Marathon 2010

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Where were you on Feb 28th? Tucked away nicely in the comfort of you bed thinking "I wonder if I should stay in bed a few minutes more?"


Were you running around Tokyo with your Iphone strapped to your forehead broadcasting your run to the world. A friend of mine Joseph Tame did the latter, and he invited a few friends to help him broadcast from several locations around Tokyo, you can catch all the details here

Having an Iphone strapped to your forehead and big bunny ears does distinguish you from the crowd a bit. He was picked up by Tokudane and they interviewed him here:

I am so honored to have such interesting people like Joseph in my circle of friends. ^^

Planning an event like this must have been a logistical hell. These helpers were getting ready next to the Apple store in Ginza.

The amount of time committed to training yourself leading to the run must have been substantial. These folks were truly amazing.

It is quite common to run with your eyes closed, this is so runners can concentrate on the race at hand. ^^

I wonder if I would have what it takes to run in the rain in the early hours of a Sunday morning?

Lots of people helping out to make this event happen.

Lot of people came to cheer their friends and family on, the streets were really packed.

TV crew came out to interview and capture some of the special moments in the race.

Families came to cheer for their loved ones.

Everyone waited in the freezing cold just to catch a glimpse of their favorite runners.

If Joseph had not asked me to film him with an Iphone for this project I probably would have never understood what all the fuss was about. Sitting out in the rain waiting and cheering people on showed me how amazing and supportive people can be.

To some this was just a run, to me it was reminder that this world is full of wonderful and amazing people.

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