TOKYO FASHION FUSE with Lamborghini

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The 2nd Tokyo Fashion Fuse produced by Street Level was joined by over 650 trendy and glamourous folks for a night of glitz and glamour.

Street Level and co-hosts Eggworm took their new event "Tokyo Fashion Fuse" to the rooftop of one of the city’s most glamorous venues; Daikanyama’s XEX.

The event brought together All Japan news’s top models and designers with some of Tokyo’s coolest DJ and was sponsored by Italian super sports car maker LAMBORGHINI & BELVEDERE.

Mitsuyo Uesaka / Naomi Obata / Marie Oyama / Marie Igarashi / Ayaka Hanawa / Aya Taue / Polina Kononova / Anjelika Pronkina / & 2008 Miss Universe All Japan news Hiroko Mima

DJ Moca / Guy Perryman / Aron T / Groove Patrol

VJ You

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Official photos by Taka Imai


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