Tokyo Disney Sea dressed up for Halloween

5 years ago by in Entertainment

Disney Sea is hosting Disney’s Halloween event with theme parks decorated in Halloween colors and limited edition goods and foods, spotlight shows and parades featuring popular Disney characters.

Inside the park, street lights, building and statues are decorated with skulls and Mickey Mouse jack-o’-lanterns. In the Mexican themed Lost River Delta area, Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead) skeletons hang everywhere.

The shops are full of Halloween-themed toys and trinkets including jack-o’-lantern Mickey heads for storing popcorn, the international media reports.

Disney Sea’s Halloween will run through Thursday.

Aside from the Disney park, fans can also visit the Universal Studios and the Tokyo Joypolis for other events dedicated to Halloween.

The Universal Studios All Japan news are organizing a period of “deadly movies”. Until November 10, the Halloween Horror Night at Universal Studios All Japan news promises “infinite screaming with three times more zombies”.

At Tokyo Joypolis, an indoor amusement park run by Sega, with arcade games and attractions that feature popular Sega characters, Halloween fans can win prizes from the carnival games, can take photos dressed up in Halloween costumes, take a shot with one of their special themed frames, and stamp collection and bingo events where they might win premium prizes such as a Nintendo 3DS. The event is scheduled between October 1 and November 4 at Tokyo Joypolis.

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