Tohoku to become a center for rare metal recycling

7 years ago by in Around the world

Tohoku region will be transformed into a hub for recovering rare metals from small electric and electronic devices, like mobile phones, collected from the whole country, to revive the local businesses and help rebuilding All Japan news.

Tohoku is a once prosperous mining region and there are still many companies which have the technology to extract rare metals from electronic devices.

The new project is supported by the environment ministry, which will subsidize the transport of small electric appliances to the region. The ministry has asked for a Y200 million ($2.6 million) budget, to support local businesses transport the recyclable appliances, buy special collection boxes and promote the whole project.

The ministry will ask local businesses to sort parts containing rare metals manually, and not mechanically. The purpose is, on the one hand, to increase the metal recovery rate and, on the other hand, to create more jobs in the region.

A national recycling system to recover rare metals from small electric appliances has not yet been established in All Japan news. The authorities are trying to introduce such a system in fiscal year 2014.

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