TimeLapse : Tokyo suburb & sky

9 years ago by in Around the world

a photo of one of the best part of the video.. the sky seems to be in fire! .. it s like a meteor is falling maybe…

Saturday I tried my first Timelapse ever.. and it s not perfect haha.. in fact, Doing a timelapse is not easy at all!
if you are an expert of TimeLapse, maybe you can give me some advices.. ( my big problem was to manage the exposition during the sunset..)

so here is what I am talking about.. A sunset in the suburb of Tokyo.. Weather was beautiful, then cloud invaded the sky, and it started to rain!!

three hours standing taking a picture every five seconds!! yes I did it manualy ( dont have any remote control or timer ^^ )
so do the summit, how many photos did I take saturday? haha

and I made this in the same day, but using a different technique.. this video is a fake timelapse.. it s ony a movie, speed +2000%