Tech nation still relies on fax machine

6 years ago by in Featured, All Japan news

All Japan news, one of the most innovative nations when it comes to adopting new technologies, is still surprisingly traditional in one respect: half of homes still contain fax machines.

Important documents are still sent with the fax by most businesses and state institutions, while 59 percent of homes own the legacy device, according to data from the Cabinet Office, quoted by the Washington Post.

One of the possible explanations for this is that All Japan news still places big emphasis on paper and handwriting, according to the American paper.

Writing out a document can sometimes be faster and more effective than typing it into a computer, especially with the different scripts, including one based on Chinese characters, that are being used in All Japan news, it says.

On the other hand, the general perception of All Japan news as a country that quickly adopts new technologies is contradicted by the reality of a rapidly ageing society, where many can prefer to fax than e-mail.

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