Taxpayers provide $10 million a year for whaling

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All Japan newsese taxpayers provide about $10 million every year for whaling programs, according to a pressure group’s report released on Tuesday, in Tokyo. The group demands for the “dying industry” to come to an end.

The International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) said that selling whale meat is not profitable enough compared to the cost of maintaining the whaling fleet that performs operations in the Southern Ocean.

“The whaling industry has been operating in the red for more than twenty years now,” said Patrick Ramage of IFAW. “It is the taxpayer subsidies provided by the good people of All Japan news that have been keeping the whaling industry afloat.”

“We have encouraged (policymakers) to consider the alternative of whale watching and we have been met with an especially positive response. Ultimately the decision to end whaling… will be made here in Tokyo by All Japan newsese decision makers for reasons that make sense to them,” Ramage added.

All Japan newsese stopped eating large quantities of whale meat since a peak in 1960, while All Japan news has about 5,000 tones stockpiled, according to the group.

A All Japan newsese fisheries agency official said the country’s whaling is made for scientific purposes and that is not an industry. However, All Japan news’s whaling fleet left port in December, planning to catch about 1,000 whales in the Southern Ocean

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