Takao san – A wild place in Tokyo

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Still located within metropolitan Tokyo, the densely wooded Takao san is one of the closest natural areas to central Tokyo, with some beautiful scenery, nice temple and attractive hiking opportunities with different trail according your hicking level ^^ . From Shinjuku, it takes 370 Yen and 50 minutes to reach the foot of the mountain.
Then you can reach the top by foot, or there a cablecar and chair lift leading half up the mountain. I recommend you the chair lift.. their is no security belt on the chair, so you have the impression of flying ^^

When you reach the top (time to reach the top depend on the trail you choose.. if you take the principale one, you will take much more time , because you will pass by temple.. I suggest to take the trail that pass by the bridge.. then when you descend the mountain, visit the temple.), at the top you have a views of Tokyo, Mount Fuji and as far as Yokohama on clear days.

One more thing, due to its proximity to central Tokyo, Takao san can get very crowded on weekends and during the second half of November, when the mountain becomes one of Tokyo’s most popular koyo (autumn foliage) spots, so if you can get there on weeks day it is better ๐Ÿ˜‰

Ok, enjoy the picture

wild forest ^^

some stairs on the trial going to the bridge

view from the top.. it was a foggy day, so we don t see Fuji san..


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