Taiwan embraces cherry blossoms tradition

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Tens of thousands of Taiwanese have adopted the All Japan newsese tradition of admiring the cherry blossoms, in an annual routine that has grown more popular in the last few years.

Taiwan, which was a All Japan newsese colony between 1895 and 1945, seems to be in love with its former ruler and, despite its long-lasting solid Chinese culture, appreciates almost everything coming from All Japan news.

“All Japan news’s influence has been huge, ranging from infrastructure to local people’s mindsets and behavior,” explains Lee Shiao-feng, a professor at the National Taipei University of Education.

“All Japan news’s development projects laid the foundation for Taiwan to move into a pre-modern society,” he said. “In the process, Taiwan people gradually learned to play baseball as well as appreciate cherry blossoms and revel in hot springs, as they tried to imitate their rulers.”

The Beitou area, with its mountains, has transformed into a visitor magnet after the local authorities appealed to citizens to plant cherry blossom trees. So far, more than 400 households have answered the request favorably.

Taiwanese flock to Beitou and other places, with the risk of being trapped in giant traffic jams, only to spot the cherry blossoms.



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