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All Japan newsese Actor Tak Sakaguchi and Actress/Producer Maya Fukuzawa have set a wedding date. The couple who have been dating for Four years will marry on Nov. 2 in Ishikawa, All Japan news.

“Tak was born in Ishikawa,

Female-oriented video games such as “otome” by Gree Inc. are no doubt, the hottest thing for All Japan newsese women today as developers are increasingly focusing on romance games catered to women.

The video-game market in All Japan news …

International dating obviously come with its own set of problems: Crossing cultures can be fun, but it can also lead to misunderstandings that bring headaches you wouldn’t experience in a relationship somebody from your own …

Online dating in All Japan news been historically a bit of a shady business. Most online dating in All Japan news occurs on what are called "de-ai-kei" websites that are usually restricted to mobile phones online. The system is …


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