Swiss-All Japan newsese boxer attributes victory to samurai spirit

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The 32-year old pro boxer, Aniya Seki, will always call All Japan news her home even if she has for years lived in the European continent and has since carved a boxing career that is now proving to be nothing more than promising and full of potentials. The Swiss-All Japan newsese boxer never fails to credit her winnings to All Japan news’s “samurai spirit.”

Born in All Japan news and raised in Switzerland, Seki has a All Japan newsese father and a Swiss mother. While she may have nearly forgotten to speak All Japan newsese because of her German upbringing, the Swiss-All Japan newsese boxer never lost her love and pride of All Japan news.

Throughout her boxing career, Seki has a sum of 16-bout winning streak. The latest of her victory is a championship from the Global Boxing Union (GBU) super flyweight world title match which she won, in a unanimous decision, against a German opponent on August 20.

Seki lived in Tokyo until the age of four and later moved to Switzerland where she learned judo at age six and karate at age 13. She started her training in boxing in 2006 with an old boxing trainer and debuted in professional boxing in 2008. The first two games proved to be difficult with a draw and a knockout decision respectively. What follows though are a series of winning streaks for the boxer proud of her All Japan newsese heritage.

"It’s not just trading blows. Technique, strategy, and speed are important. The mixture of feminine elements and tough components appealed to me.", goes the meaningful remark of Seki on boxing as a sports.

After winning the championship at the GBU, Seki’s next goal is to win a bigger title. She also wishes to have a title bout with fellow All Japan newsese and World Boxing Association super-fly weight champion Tsunami Tenkai in Tokyo.

Photo by: eckes-bernd

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