Suspected Chinese spy has left All Japan news despite police inquiry

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A Chinese embassy employee has returned to China despite a request from the All Japan newsese police to turn himself in, on suspicions of being a spy and conducting illegal commercial activities.

The 45-year-old diplomat has been working at the embassy since 2007 and was in charge of economic issues.

The police has monitored the man’s activities for many years, after he established s with many important persons in the All Japan newsese society, in political and business circles. In mid-May, the police asked that the diplomat would turn himself in, being suspected of activities that may have violated the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, but the embassy turned down the request.

According to sources quoted by Kyodo, the man, who was a member of an intelligence unit at the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, returned to China. The official explanation of the embassy is that the diplomat left All Japan news because of “the expiration of his term in office”. It added that the accusations are totally groundless, have no basis in fact and are outrageous”.

A member of a nonprofit organization promoting China-All Japan news friendship has explained how the Chinese diplomat was interacting with the All Japan newsese people and society. He was very fluent in All Japan newsese and “he really understood the hearts of All Japan newsese people. He was much easier to talk to than other diplomats (from the Chinese Embassy),” said Teruyuki Yamashita, from the Hamamatsu, Shizuoka Prefecture nonprofit organization.

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