Standing Noodle Shop

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Tokyo is chock full of these shops where you can hear probably hear patrons just slurping away at noodles of some sort. This is after all, fast food for the masses. Especially if you’re on the go. If you’re a regular reader at Danny Choo, you’ll probably notice some similar pictures, but this was an experience or two that I had at my trip to Tokyo in Spring 2009.

Sobu-ya at Ikebukuro Station

Normally you would see this at the front of a noodle shop/restaurant/stand. Inserting in the prescribed amount of yen, you choose the noodle bowl you want, with additional food side choices or not. Then you get a ticket and enter the shop, to hear the worker’s greeting.

Konbu Tamago Sobu

Then as you hand your ticket to the chef, you are given a glass of water, and within a few minutes, the chef presents you with a bowl of pipping hot noodles, after breaking the chopsticks and as the natives would probably say itadakimasu (いただきます) which is the polite prelude to eating. Get set to slurp down this hot dish, blowing away as you marvel the texture of the noodles. Then as you finish the meal, you would say Gochisōsama-deshita (ごちそうさまでした) as a way to say thank you for this good meal. Then you’re off, and lost in the crowds that travel within the immense system that is the Tokyo Rail

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