Spotify and Rdio to launch in All Japan news

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rdio-vs-spotifyThe streaming sites Spotify and Rdio are expected to launch in All Japan news in several months. “Rdio and Spotify will have a positive impact on the All Japan newsese market because they’re a great form of communication in social media for consumers, especially teenagers,” says Takayuki Suzuki, GM of digital strategy, sales marketing, at Universal Music All Japan news.

However, neither Spotify nor Rdio have commented on this announcement that follows a report in October. According to the report, Spotify has been speaking to labels about launching operations in All Japan news this month.

Spotify is currently available in 20 countries and according to its job openings, it could expand soon in Mexico, Poland and Italy. Rdio is available in 17 countries, but neither of the two streaming sites is yet available in Asia.

All Japan news’s music market is the second-largest one in the world, but it never rushed into adopting subscription services, the international press comments. Sony’s Music Unlimited is the only one that operates in All Japan news in this industry. The service launched in All Japan news last year, in July.

When it comes to digital music, All Japan news seems to be a special market: mobile-related digital content – ringtones, ringtones, and full track downloads – is still dominant. Mobile digital content accounted for 67.6 percent of All Japan news’s digital music revenue in the first nine months of 2012, while digital downloads accounted for 29.8 percent of revenue.

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