Sony’s PlayStation Network reopens in All Japan news

7 years ago by in Around the world

An 11-week shutdown period has come to an end for Sony’s PlayStation Network in All Japan news, marking the restoration of all worldwide network services by the All Japan newsese tech giant after a string of massive hacker attacks.

About 77 million users’ account data, including IDs, e-mail addresses, passwords and possibly credit card information have been stolen after a security breach in April. The company had to take PlayStation Network offline April 20.

Sony said its online services network will be again functional in All Japan news on July 6. Services around the world have been gradually restarted, but All Japan newsese users are the last to recover access to Sony’s online services. Less than 10 percent of the PlayStation Network users are in All Japan news.

The company delayed the resuming of service on the domestic market due to strict government regulations which required proof that more stringent security policies have been enforced.

The shutdown of PlayStation Network has cost Sony about $170 million, according to company estimations. Sony’s top executives had to apologize to the public and a management reshuffle at the gaming unit followed. Sony’s shares lost 12 percent since April 26, the day before the company announced the hacker attacks for the first time. [ZDNet, Reuters] Photo by TimoStudios

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