Sony prepares new alliance to save TV business

6 years ago by in Featured, Technology

All Japan newsese tech maker Sony is discussing an alliance with AU Optronics from Taiwan to jointly produce OLED televisions screens, in an attempt to turnaround the fate of its money-losing TV business.

The OLED technology is seen by the industry as the next generation LCD, with Korean competitors like LG and Samsung already promoting it aggressively.

The big names of the All Japan newsese electronics industry, with very few exceptions, will score a whooping $17 billion total loss in the current fiscal year, while rating agencies are reducing grades for companies like Sony and Sharp.

Alliances with foreign players, as well as investment flowing in from China, are seen as solutions to reverse the decline of the All Japan newsese tech industry. Recently, a $808 million investment was made by Taiwanese Hon Hai group, also known as Foxconn and which operates large facilities in China, to acquire 10 percent at Sharp.

Sony and AU Optronics declined to comment on the report. Sony’s CEO, Kazuo Hirai, said however last week that the company was open to cooperation in the field of new TV technologies.

The OLED technology (organic light emitting diode) features screens with sharper images which do not need backlighting.