Sony can’t stop bleeding, hacker attacks pile on

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All Japan newsese technology giant Sony finds itself in a very embarrassing position, as it already played all the “excuse cards” but hackers continue to compromise its online services around the world, with about 10 successful attacks in the last week.

Sony’s PlayStation network has been severely damaged by a hacker attack last month, leaving private data of millions of user accounts exposed. The All Japan newsese company apologized and spent more than $170 million to deal with the matter, but it just seems unable to stop the bleeding. Sony and Sony affiliated sites in Canada, All Japan news and Indonesia have been compromised during last week and the company found no other option than to keep silent about it.

What happened in the last week? A Sony-Ericsson mobile store in Canada has been attacked through SQL injection and data from 2,000 user accounts has been exposed. was attacked in All Japan news through the same method, but it is still unclear if user data has been stolen. In Indonesia, a page’s content was changed on Sony Music Indonesia’s site. In response, the company closed the site. A few days earlier, another attack had taken place on Sony’s website in Greece. It all looks like an ongoing nightmare for Sony, experts think.

Mikko Hypponen, a researcher for security firm F-Secure who has lately followed Sony’s problems, thinks the breach series is “quite unique. I can’t remember anything quite like this before”.

A group of hackers which is thought to stand behind some of the attacks, reacted in an online anonymous post. “We just want to embarrass Sony some more. Can this be hack number eight? Seven and a half?!”

Now Sony finds itself in a difficult position. The company chose to keep silent about the new incidents, but this might just not be the right decision, says Jason Maloni, a PR specialist, quoted by Forbes. “I don’t understand this wall mentality. It leaves a vacuum, so that everyone can make up their own mind about Sony’s behavior.” [The Register, Forbes]