Sluggish sales for Nintendo’s 3DS

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Nintendo’s new 3DS gaming console managed to reach the 1-million units threshold on the domestic market in early June, three months after its launch, much later than the company had expected.

Nintendo’s president Satoru Iwata had anticipated that 1.5 million units would be sold in All Japan news by the end of March. The start of the new console was spectacular, with 400,000 units being sold over the first weekend, in late February.

Worldwide sales were much better, but still 390,000 units short of the March target, Nintendo said.

The original DS sold 1 million units in only four weeks after its launch in January 2004.

The company was hoping that its new 3DS console would be a hit thanks to its glasses-free 3-D technology, but the consumer depression that followed the March natural disasters, as well as a lack of enough game titles, negatively affected the image of the product.

Things can still change for the better, analysts think. Nintendo launched just last week an online service to provide users with more games. Another tool, less known but with great potential, is a social networking service that may prove more popular than the much-touted glass-free 3-D feature in the long run. [WSJ] Photo by John.Karakatsanis

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