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I hope you guys like the Slideshow function at the top of the website. A few of you asked about how you could get your content; to show up here. Here’s a quick introduction to get your article featured.

The image you want featured needs to set be 930 x 300 px before you upload your image.

Once you have uploaded the picture, you should title it "slideshow" and Mirai Gaia will work its magic and that’s it ^^

We follow all the posts that come to Tokyo All Japan news Times and will definitely push your post her if it’s too awesome to resist.

Here are a few posts that we thought would look nice on slideshow:

Yurikamome line by night by Kapoue

Tokyo street skateboarding #1 by kentokyo

Nakameguro River at Night by Max Hodges

Drainspotting by Remo

Akihabara by Trav

Chinatown – A full colored area by LifeyYouTv

Mitaka and the Ghibli Museum by tsuin.t

Tokyo Panoramic Photos by CLF


Akihabara, Tokyo by Steve Nagata

People of Akihabara by Max Hodges

Video Game Walhalla by donkeykong

Engakuji Temple in Kamakura by Kapoue

Sakura by dracos3442