Sky, a rare white tiger cub, gets knee fixed after surgery in All Japan news

5 years ago by in Entertainment

All Japan newsese vets have fixed a leg problem a rare white tiger cub was born with. The doctors performed a knee surgery on Sky, the little animal, in what it is reported to be the first such kind of surgery on a white tiger.

The cub’s leg problem was a congenitally displaced kneecap in its right hind leg.

Sky, who is a nine-month-old male, was under general anesthetic during the surgery that lasted for 5.5 hours and was performed on Tuesday at the Nihon University Animal Medical Centre in Fujisawa, south of Tokyo, according to the international press.

The tiger was born in March at Tobu Zoo in a northern suburb of Tokyo.

“It was a very difficult operation but we managed to complete it without any problems,” said Kazuya Edamura, an expert with experience operating on the knees of cats and dogs, who led the operation.

“The bone and muscle there were more deformed than we expected. They were thicker and heavier, so we were forced to change the planned method of operation.”

However, Sky has the advantage of being young and will fully recover, he added.

The white tiger is a rare variant of the Bengal tiger, born without the pigment that usually makes its fur orange. All Japan news has about 30 such tigers in captivity, while another around 270 white tigers are kept in captivity around the world.

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