Six All Japan newsese swim 150 km to thank Taiwan

7 years ago by in Around the world

Six All Japan newsese set off on a 150-kilometer relay swim to the shores of Taiwan, as a sign of gratitude for the support provided by the country after the March natural disasters.

After 52 hours of difficult swim in high waves and strong currents, the six All Japan newsese reached Taiwan on Monday morning. Many Taiwanese swimmers greeted them out to sea near the northeastern coast of Taiwan at Toufu Cape.

The six All Japan newsese began the journey on Saturday morning and rotated in 30-minute relays. They carried with them three letters of gratitude from the governors of the three prefectures worst-hit by the quake and tsunami – Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima. The letters will be brought to the president Ma Ying-jeou.

Taiwan was the most generous donor to All Japan news after the March disaster, with about $260 million in aid.

Photo by: Sir Mervs