Singapore NTUC Kite Festival 19 Sept 2010

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NTUC, National Trades Union Congress. A big company in Singapore for its supermarket and insurance held its Kite Festival event at The Promontory @ Marina Bay.

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Kite Flags can been seen along the edge of The Promontory.

The Promontory, the main event area.

Kites soaring high up into the skies.

"Let me show u all how my kite takes off……"

"My kite will fly into the skies and sail in the sea…"

"Red is my Theme"

Girl w Kite Plane

"Sparing with the squid!"

"If I run faster, it will fly higher"

"Spiderman is my hero, jump spidy!"

"I will catch you if you fall!"

Just….a little more wind….

Getting ready for the big show…

Kites at Promontory taking off together in the big guest of wind

Couple under the Stunt Kite

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