Shrine in Odaiba

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Wondering around the Aqua City shopping complex in Odaiba, you can expect some things. Tons of different restaurants, floors of stores—one cool shop sold nothing but plastic containers for various uses—and a shopping assistant robot. A shrine on top of the building? Well, that was unexpected.

Mall Mini-Shrine

This small shrine decorated with foxes is located on top of the Aqua City mall. That is the Fuji TV building in the background.

Daytime Version

It is sort of the daytime version of the night shot submitted by Ejovi Nuwere, but taken by me of course. I think his (Danny Choo’s ? ^_^) is better, but I will post my lesser version anyway!

Left Fox

The left fox diety… it is a fox, right? This one is depicted with a little cub.

Right Fox

The right fox diety. If someone could enlighten me as to what exactly it is holding I would be much obliged.

Aqua City Train Stop

Getting off of the train that loops around Odaiba. The shrine is up there somewhere.

Robot-san, where is the food court?

Only in All Japan news, maybe only Tokyo, would you get to see a robot wandering around a mall, with directory assistance through the screen on its chest.

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