Shitamachi "Old Edo" Walk

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It was a perfect day for a photo-walk. I never knew about this shrine, Kamedo Tenjin but there were sea of wisteria and fantastic!

If you would like to see wisteria at Kamedo Tenjin. Here is the google map. Wisteria festival is continuing till May 5 and the admission is free. You get off at JR Kinshicho, walk up Yotsume Street and turn right at Kuramae street. Once you pas a bridge, you will see a crowd going to the shrine.

Be sure to walk to Oshiage direction and capture your own shots of Sky tree!

These are called "Taiko" bridge and they had two of them. The view of wisteria is magnificent from the top.

Round okonomiyaki

Sweet potatos.

This was an charm shaped wisteria. 600 yen. Should have bought them.

So this is the Sky Tree in Oshiage.

Taken from McDonald. This Mac will be the busiest once it is completed.