Sharp designs speaking vacuum cleaner [VIDEO]

6 years ago by in Featured, Technology

A robot vacuum cleaner designed by Sharp is able to understand and reply to voice commands in several languages, including standard All Japan newsese and the western Kansai dialect.

The Cocorobo robot also speaks Chinese and English. It is able to understand basic phrases like “good morning”, “clean the room” and gives different answers “depending on the cleaning situation,” Sharp said.

It can also warn the owner of necessary maintaining operations, like the need for charging the battery or  emptying the dust compartment.

The robot will be made commercially available in June. Even if Sharp did not say anything on the possible price tag, the All Japan newsese press indicates a price of around Y130,000 ($1,600).

The robot can also be controlled using a smartphone. Its creators say that depending on how often the owner speaks to it, it can be in a better or worse mood, and its moves are also influenced.

You can watch below a video demonstration of the product.

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