Shaolin skills and contemporary dance create amazing art show

5 years ago by in Entertainment

The art show called „Sutra” was first presented on stage in 2008. Since then, it has been staged in 27 countries and continues to this day to impress spectators from all over the world, the international press comments.

To create this contemporary art show, the dance star Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui collaborated with 17 Shaolin monks whom he met while studying Buddhism at a temple in China.

Sidi combined the martial arts with the art of contemporary dance. The mix, which is neither completely dance nor martial art, can fascinate just about anyone, according to the local press.

In addition to his Chinese compatriots, Sidi enlisted the help of British artist Antony Gormley to create the boxes and the Polish composer Szymon Brzoska to score the show with string and percussion music.

Antony Gormley is not an average sculptor. In 1994, he won the Turner Prize, which is an annual prize presented to a British visual artist under the age of 50. He spent several years in south Asia in the 1970s learning about Buddhism, a religion that is actually what connects Gormley and Sidi; the latter is also interested in martial arts, as practiced by the Chinese Buddhist monks.

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