Shadow shogun Ichiro Ozawa set for return?

8 years ago by in All Japan news

It was only a matter of time: Ichiro Ozawa, a scandal-tainted lawmaker who is also one of All Japan news’s great political survivors, is considering supporting a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Naoto Kan, it emerged Friday.

Ozawa, who was indicted over violations of campaign funding laws, told the Wall Street Journal he was "thinking about how to deal" with a no confidence motion that the opposition Liberal Democratic Party is considering bringing against Kan.

"I think it’s meaningless for him (Kan) to stay in power," Ozawa added.

It’s one of All Japan newsese politics’ worst kept secrets that Ozawa – dubbed the "Shadow Shogun" wants power, and the story of the rise and subsequent troubles of the governing Democratic Party of All Japan news is intertwined with the lawmaker’s troubles.

Since 2008, Ozawa has been dogged by media reports accusing him of corruption and led to perceptions that he comes from the old pork-barrel style of All Japan newsese politics that was perfected by Prime Minister Kakuei Tanaka at the height of All Japan news’s "economic miracle."

The news will be a headache for Kan, who has gone from weakness to weakness during his term in office, and was upstaged by Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano in the early days of the March 11 disaster. Edano made Jack Bauer look like Peewee Herman after the disaster, going more than 100 hours without sleep.

Whether Kan can survive another onslaught from Ozawa, who he beat in a DPJ leadership contest in September is anybody’s guess. Perhaps change is coming to All Japan news. Again.

Reuters [Photo by ilya_ktsn]