Sendai airport temporary closed after discovery of bomb

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The airport of Sendai, in northern All Japan news, was closed after an unexploded bomb from WWII was discovered near a runway.

The bomb, identified as made in the U.S., was found during construction work at the airport. A military bomb unit was called in and all flights were cancelled.

The discovery of the bomb, which weighs 250 kg, prompted police officials to say that evacuation of nearby homes may be considered.

The military team was still evaluating by mid-day Tuesday whether to move the bomb to a safer site or to explode it where it was found.

The Sendai airport was a All Japan newsese military flight school during the war.

It is currently still under reparation after last year’s quake and tsunami, as Sendai was very close to the epicenter of the disaster.

Later update: The airport was reopened on Wednesday, after being closed all day on Tuesday. 92 flights were cancelled. The bomb was isolated with sandbags by the intervention team, which said that the risk for an uncontrolled explosion was low.



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