Sakura Xex Atago – Party Report

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Last week I got a Facebook invite to a party held at Xex Atago for a Sakura party. ^^ Atago Mori Hills is in Kamiyacho, a business district near Roppongi so I was a bit worried that I went to the wrong place. Xex according to TabletGuides

The Peninsula Tokyo concierge says:
“Live music from the grand piano, fine cocktails, and premium wines are best enjoyed from the seats overlooking Tokyo Tower at this bar fashioned after a New York penthouse.”

So the place is posh; penthouse posh!

The last time I went on a night life spree was back in 2006 I was a bit rusty getting back to the swing of things, but I learnt a few things (more a reminder than actually learning something new)

Jonny’s guide to surviving a night out in Tokyo:

  • Bring a friend, any friend, in fact the more the merrier.
  • Bring a slim wallet You will look like you are bulging where you don’t intend to bulge.
  • Don’t dance while sober. Scratch that, don’t dance. (unless you are Usher or someone who actually can dance)
  • Drink only after you have had dinner.

Apologies for the blurry photos. Xex has very sexy mood lighting. Perhaps a little too sexy for my camera to handles without using a Flash.

This was DJ Mike Wilkins, he and DJ Cedric do some amazing events, this was one of count down spectacular they did with Taiko and Shamisen players.

If you want to follow DJ Cedric and his crew, you should join their page

The day just before the event, Cedric posted an update on the event. They managed to wrangle a special deal on Champagne.

桜-SAKURA-】スペシャル サプライズ-Special Surprise-
Tonight only and exclusively for the "5" clients, Xex Atago will
generously propose the bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut imperial at 7000!
今回は"5"にいらした皆様に、XEX ATAGOから特別にモエシャンドンのボトルを¥7,000でご提供いたします。

Lots of very stylish people turned up

The live performance with Frank Legree, and Steve Beckham were for me the best part of the evening. They performed a few of the most recent chart hits. The Micheal Jackson rendition came with an awesome little dance too^^

Loved his Jacket, it was so pika pika. I wouldn’t wear it in a million years, but I really liked it. ^^

Happy People

I didn’t get to talk to the dancers so don’t know which one is Marie and which one is Hiromi.

I’ll try to list all the events I go to in advance, but I won’t know unless some one gives me the heads up.

If you are interested in coming with me to future events, let me know. ^^

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