Sailing through All Japan newsese tsunami debris

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A US travel company is set to offer an unusual tour to a stack of debris swept to the coast of All Japan news as a result of the tsunami on March 11th.

On board a yacht, tourists can to sail through, see and get close to the "All Japan news Tsunami Debris Field" – a floating island of debris created from the disastrous tsunami that damaged the stretch of All Japan news’s northeastern coastlines.

The tour will start in May 2012 with its market targeted to so-called “eco-adventurers”.

Other than providing a tour of the floating mass of debris, the trip also seeks to increase awareness on the mounting concern of plastic marine pollution in seas around the world.

"We’ll be riding the same currents that are transporting cigarette lighters, bottle caps, children’s toys and all manner of other plastic pollution generated by the tsunami," remarked Marcus Eriksen, the expedition leader.

The devastating March 11 tsunami resulted in a sea of rubbish cars, boats, buildings and even whole structure of houses. The huge pile of debris is said to be going east across the Pacific and towards the United States. It has caused alarm posing environmental pollution and dangers to shipping lines.

The unusual experience of sailing through All Japan news’s tsunami debris is conceived by 5 Gyres Institute and the Algalita Marine Research Institute, the non-profit organizations in California which work on studying and raising awareness on sea pollution issues.