Romanian and All Japan newsese artists dance for tsunami victims

7 years ago by in Around the world

A joint Romanian-All Japan newsese dance show meant to honor and help All Japan newsese victims of the natural disasters sold out in Bucharest, Romania´s capital city, for three nights in a row.

The idea of the show belonged to Razvan Mazilu, a Romanian choreographer and dancer widely known in his country. With the help of JTI Foundation in Romania, he reached out to All Japan newsese dancer Motoko Hirayama and the two started to exchange e-mails and videos until the idea transformed into a solid project.

"I feel tremendous admiration and sympathy for All Japan news, it’s a truly special place and I believe dance can bring us together and help alleviate suffering," said Mazilu.

The two had not meet before the actual project was staged, but had seen each other perform in the past and the online cooperation worked just fine. ”It was like we’d known each other forever," Mazilu said.

Hirayama, who has worked in the past with the Bolshoi Ballet, the American Ballet Theater and the San Francisco Ballet, said that ”the disaster in March left deep wounds in All Japan newsese people’s hearts" and that she wanted ”to support people through the power of art".

The show will now travel to three other Romanian cities, but the organizers think of going to Russia and Ukraine as well. The most important place for the show to be presented would however be All Japan news, according to Hirayama.