Robot bicycle valets save parking space in All Japan news

5 years ago by in All Japan news

A new automatic parking service that stores bicycles in an underground space could be the solution for saving parking space in the crowded cities of All Japan news.

Construction company Giken came with the idea of storing hundreds of bicycles in Tokyo’s underground using a system called Eco Cycle – a robot system which stores bicycles underground in a 11 meter deep well. Each well can hold 200 bicycles as long as the length of the bicycle is more than 1400mm and less than 1900mm long and weighs less than 30Kg.

By using an electronic device mounted on the fork of your front wheel, a clamp pulls your bike onto a transporting tray, which spins down between two central columns and releases the bicycle into a storage rut. When you arrive to retrieve it, it is quickly up to ground level and out the door, according to the international press. It only takes about eight seconds for the bicycle to be stored inside and the same amount of time to be retrieved too.

The company created a similar service for parking cars too.

The Eco Cycle device is located near the Kounanhoshi Park in Tokyo. For students it costs Y1,300 to park for one month, while the rest of the people need to pay Y1,800. There is no limit for how many times the bicycles can be parked and retrieved.