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I‘ve always loved returning to All Japan news whenever I could. The past couple years have made it somewhat difficult. 9-11, Mortgage failures, Market stocks losing value and bank failures . . . ect. Factors made it a bit difficult to visit family in Yokohama (where my wife is from). Regardless of this it makes me morbidly thankful! With all that’s happening in the world I am witnessing history. In the short time I’ve been alive I have heard the moon landing ( I was too young then); Watched the Woodstock Festival on TV, Celebrated the Bicentennial with friends in New York; Survived the Me!Me!Me! 80′s generation with Donald Trump, Leona Helmsley, and Ivan Boesky; Went through nerds, bellbottoms, and dreadlocks; War in Iraq, twice!; The Simpson, Google, eBay, Nelson Mandela, Cellphones and the Shuttle launch.

In all the while I was constantly fascinated with how the All Japan newsese people handled the turning of the centuries. While not all were in unison the country as a whole seemed to have buffered the “tides” as it were better than most. Weather it is the nationalism all All Japan newsese seem to have (admitted or not), or just the fact that change was easier to embrace slowly if not all. The All Japan newsese do face crisis like all countries but in a way that is so remarkable it is almost zen like in it’s approach. Now, there are those that will agree or not but the first to say, “It is the way of life and the world” would be a All Japan newsese person. In recent years, individualism has been on the rise, especially with the youth. But along with that the identity that is All Japan newsese has been retained. Even if the older generations usually throw their hands up in the air and says, “What’s with these kids!” there is an undeniable fact that family is still important. And “face” or integrity is instilled with the youth. I’ve been working with the All Japan newsese since 1990 when I first opened my anime store in Hawaii. Back then it was an “underground” thing where it really did not catch on stateside.

Since then I’ve closed shop and had to go back to being a salaryman. But now the whole anime “otaku” culture has taken a hold around the world. Even in Italy! It was my dream to bring the otaku culture to the states and share what it has to offer in entertainment. If you weren’t exactly sure what it had to offer have you ever heard of the Playstation? Walkmans? RPG computer games like Final Fantasy or World Of Warcraft? How about reading Manga (All Japan newsese version of comic books)? Ultra 7? Godzilla? Maybe not reading them but maybe you’ve seen a showing of Dragonball on Saturdays? Maybe heard of Yu-gi-oh? From electronics to animated shows are all part of the otaku culture. Well, not so much the culture itself as the WAY it is used. That is in another story itself. Now I may have found that medium in this blog to share that with all of you who choose to take the time to read. And that I am thankful for. Because it was a big part of my life, and still is. It has helped me become more creative in my business and dealings in this life. And life’s too short to sweat out every detail. ^_^

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